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I follow Snowdrift‘s development. It is something I am really excited about, so their recent partnership with the Open Source Initiative is good news. But I want to point out the blog post announcing their relationship with OSI, and how that reflects on their values.

Reading What Does Free/Libre/Open Mean? intially got me interested in the project, because I had started using “FLO” to be inclusive as well, and while I personally choose to use “free software”, I found it more and more difficult to advocate for it, and believe that the free software community has some messaging issues. Part of that is an argument against “open source”, as a term or a motive.

Aaron Wolf does a decent mini-history lesson concerning that, and I was surprised about the changes happening at OSI:

Thankfully, the language and political alignments of 2015 are not those of 1999. The OSI today, with its Board of Directors full of FSF members, has replaced earlier divisive statements with more aligned and nuanced views of their relation to “free software”. In fact, one of their other recent projects focused on embracing “free/libre/open” as part of an educational initiative. Now, the OSI’s support of will help our mission to free the commons and sustain a world without artificial restrictions on creative works.

My hope for the Snowdrift project is that they can focus on their core competency, and stave off the overhead of running a cooperative a little longer, so they can properly launch (which by its very nature will help fund not only theirs, but a lot of other folks’ projects as well!).

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