FreedomPop wants my email more than my money

I am in the market for a mobile wifi spot. A cursory search found two main contenders, FreedomPop and Karma. Both options seem interesting, and I’d like to compare them, so I was going to get a device from both companies. I didn’t even need to check coverage, because I am in Oakland, and Oakland is always covered.

Adding the Karma Go was easy, in fact their store experience is pretty cool, with the main difference being pay-as-you-go or a monthly subscription. So I was surprised when I tried to just read the difference between the two FreedomPop devices they offer:

FreedomPop invasive pop-up

What the hell is that about? No, you may not have my email address. What possible relevance could that have, besides you trying to spam me in an attempt to convert a sale?

In comparison, the Karma coverage page is simple and easy, and so they win.

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