Oh snap, you made it! I was worried you weren’t ready for serious business, but you are here now. Let’s do this!

GIMP turns 20! November 30, 2015

Wow, that is pretty neat! ^_^ For more discussion, check out the WIFO thread.

FreedomPop wants my email more than my money November 20, 2015

I am in the market for a mobile wifi spot. A cursory search found two main contenders, FreedomPop and Karma. Both options seem interesting, and I’d like to compare them, so I was going to get a device from both companies. I didn’t even need to check coverage, because I am in Oakland, and Oakland … Read more

Snowdrift partners with OSI November 20, 2015

I follow Snowdrift‘s development. It is something I am really excited about, so their recent partnership with the Open Source Initiative is good news. But I want to point out the blog post announcing their relationship with OSI, and how that reflects on their values. Reading What Does Free/Libre/Open Mean? intially got me interested in … Read more